A little bit about me .. 


Hey you, 

I am so glad you have found my special corner of the internet .. "The Wholeness Hub". It's so lovely to have you here.

Let me introduce myself - I’m Charlotte. Most people these days call me Charlie though! I’ve recently turned 21 and I live in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand! I live at the beach, which is my all time happy place.

This special outlet “The Wholeness Hub” started after my first year of uni as a creative outlet for me as I was studying science. And now I like to think it’s a growing community of likeminded babes all trying to better themselves and feel empowered in the lives they are living.

I am all about empowering girls to be happy and live a life that they adore! 


I love food, self development, moving my body and doing things that make me happy! I believe in eating in abundance and nourishing myself from the inside out! I am all about what works for you! 

I also launched my business - Nourishing Nibbles at the end of December 2018. I create healthy bake mixes for you to make at home - all you have to add is WATER. You can shop these here and read a bit more about them.

I have recently started working with brands to create beautiful content and share with you things I love, so if you’d love to work together, send me an email at charlie@thewholenesshub.com.

My wellness journey is still ongoing and I'm constantly learning more about myself, what my body needs and how to look after myself but I would love if you came along and we can learn together! 

I like to think that a life of wholeness is a life filled with the good things! 

I sure hope you feel welcome here!

Love and Health, 

C xo 


"The Wholeness Hub is an approach to wellness that isn’t just focused on just ‘health’, it’s focused on an overall, 'whole’ approach through living a life that makes you happy. Like SERIOUSLY HAPPY! We’re not just green smoothies and spin classes, we’re platters with friends, weekend adventures, brain and hormone talks, sleep management, and rest days when our bodies say so. Life is to be enjoyed. And a ‘whole’ approach to life is a huge part of that. In my eyes health is not about restricting, it’s about happiness. "