Change is good! 

Well I think it is anyway. 

Sometimes we need change when we outgrow things … Like names! 


You may have seen a certain Instagram name change on social media yesterday, the 1st of May! 


All my social channels are under the name ‘The Wholeness Hub’ now, sadly it’s time to say goodbye to fresh.foooodies and I thought I’d just tell you a little bit about WHY and the journey it has been to get here! 


If you have been following me right from the start back when I first started my food gram when I was 16, firstly thanks! Haha I was @funky.foodie. I was really struggling with my weight, eating healthy, finding motivation to exercise, mentally I wasn’t particularly strong either, we are talking low self esteem, low self-confidence and not a lot of self-love! So the gram was born. It was for me, literally no one really knew about it and I didn’t tell people about it! It was a way for me to stay accountable and motivate myself. 


My gorgeous sister Maddy made a foodie gram a couple of months after me, and then as sisters do ... We used to argue on who could post what pic when we were eating the same food (insert eye roll here). 


So then @fresh.foooodies was created! A combination of the two and a special project which we worked on together for a year and a bit. It was a platform where we could share our love of cooking and creating in the kitchen together. It was solely about food for us, something we enjoyed doing together and it really helped me with my confidence! 


While we still love cooking together, for the last year it has just been me! Here is the thing though, my instagram like this blog is not just about food anymore or just about me and a way to express myself! It is so much more, and how I live and view health and wellness is different. I am so much more about the balance and the whole aspect of wellness and health. 


This is where The Wholeness Hub comes in 


At the end of my first year of uni, I recognised I wasn't doing anything for myself creatively. I always loved writing, for me it is very therapeutic and a way to express myself. Little did I know at the time, this hub I created would turn into a place that people came for inspiration, recipes, real talk and motivation. I would never have believed that people would actually read posts and relate, you would make my recipes or I would then subsequently receive messages saying what you read or what I said helped you! (the best messages to receive) So here we are with The Wholeness Hub, a blog and a wellness hub that I am so excited about! 


The name The Wholeness Hub just came into my head really when I was thinking about it, the definition states: "pertaining to all aspects of human nature, especially one’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual development" which I felt very fitting. As time has gone on in my health and wellness journey, I understand so much more now that health is not just what you are eating, or even how you are exercising for that matter. 


Health is not a one size fits all and you have to find what works for you and what sets your soul on fire. I believe in a WHOLE approach to life. Health should not be about restriction, but about happiness and enjoying what you are eating and how you are living your life. Through how you move your body, who you surround yourself with and how you talk and look at yourself. A life of wholeness leaves you feeling happy, like really HAPPY, it celebrates YOU as you are, and it's a life full of self-love and self-confidence. 


So welcome to the new Wholeness Hub, and a new name on instagram!

Here at The Wholeness Hub we’re not just green smoothies and spin classes, we’re platters with friends, weekend adventures, hormone talks, sleep management, surrounding ourselves with epic energy and rest days when our bodies say so.

I am so excited to continue sharing my journey and I hope that I continue to be relatable and help other girls in their journeys as well. I am actually bursting with excitement for what's to come, I can't wait to bring you along with me!

So, it’s still me, Charlie, just a different name on Instagram @the.wholenesshub and some seriously cool and exciting projects to come! 


Talk soon

Love and Health, 

C xo