From where we would rather be ...

From where we would rather be ...

I used to get Mondayitis pretty much every Monday! I hated Mondays and Mondays hated me. 

We've all been there, but if you don’t know what it is, the definition states that: "'Mondayitis' is a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many individuals feel when starting the Monday morning work week."

Here’s the thing though … it's all about your mindset 

If you go into Monday thinking its going to suck - it will! 

Today, and for a little while, I have really been enjoying Mondays. I have made a conscious effort to go into Mondays feeling excited, positive and like I'm going to be productive. This tends to result in how you think about it … AWESOME, positive and productive. 

So I thought I’d share 6 tips that have been helping me have a good Monday and setting myself up for a fab week ahead:


1. Start your Day with Excercise

As the saying goes, ‘I’ll start on Monday’. Do start on Monday! Start your day with your favourite form of exercise and rise with the sun. I love walking and it's even better if you can persuade a family member or a friend (or be persuaded yourself) to get up and go. I’m not saying it's easy to get out of bed early, but it's definitely worth it! You’ll feel ontop of the world and like you can take on the day and week ahead. 


2. Be organised

I have an A4 weekly planner and either on a Sunday night or Monday morning I write in all my commitments and things I want to achieve in the week. Going into the week knowing what I have on, for me reduces stress and I am generally more productive when I’m organised and have a routine. Being organised also means I tend to have the ability to fit more things into my week. 


3. Clean

I am a bit of a clean freak. When I study, my room has to be tidy before I can even start studying but it kind of relates to everything. When I have a tidy room my mind is a lot clearer. A little trick I find, is when you get out of bed in the morning - make your bed straight away or let it be one of the first things you do. You’d be surprised how good it actually makes you feel. Cheesy but start your week with a clean room/house and a clear mind. 


4. Get to bed early on Sunday

There's nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning exhausted from the weekend. So getting to bed early, having a good sleep and coming into the week refreshed is a game changer. 


5. Have events or things to look forward to

Either on a Monday or later in the week. Having a coffee date, gym session planned or a movie night mid week makes the week exciting and different. 


6. Eat well

Start the week with delicious, healthy meals! I often find that if I slip up on a Monday, I continue to for the rest of the week. Starting the first day of the week with excercise, a bit of self love and nourishing food is the best way to start a week! 


Hope these help on Mondays and everyday! 


Say goodbye to Mondayitis


Love and Health, 

Charlie xo