Taking care of the Brain


Hi beauties, 

Long time no chat! I know, I’m sorry! I’ve missed you and I’ve missed writing (I say this every time *palm hits forehead) so I’m making more time! 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about health. And what it means to me. It was a question I used to ask all the gorgeous people for “In her Sneakers”. All the answers were always different, but it all generally came back to the same thing, which was happiness. 

Moving and nourishing our bodies totally are components of our happiness. The endorphins, the balanced hormones and overall pleasure of enjoying a workout or food makes me happy too, but I sometimes feel like we don’t put enough work into one of the most important things. Our heads and our mental space and health. 

When we want to lose weight or “feel happier”, some of the first things that we change are our workout and eating routines. That’s all very well but if we aren’t in the right mental space, we are too stressed, not sleeping or we are unhappy - nothing is going to change. 

I have battled and still battle with my mental health and have decided I need to implement some daily rituals into my routine. I thought some of you might benefit from trying some of these too:

  1. Morning pages. a.k.a journalling. 

  2. Meditation. Still working on this one, but after our trip to Byron, it really opened my eyes to how some of these practices will really help me day to day. 

  3. Practising gratitude daily. I like to write down 3 things everyday. 

  4. Lying on a shakti mat and diaphragmatically breathing. I also like to sit at the beach and just breath in the salty air. 

  5. Talking to myself (I’m not completely crazy, promise!) Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself compliments. This one is actually really hard, but it works. Also, a note on this one - tell people what you think. If you think they look beautiful, or you like how they’ve done their hair, their positivity or their laugh is infectious and it makes you smile. TELL. THEM. 

They are a few things I’m implementing, you might find completely different things work for you. I would love to hear if you do try any of these or if you have any other practices that help you! 

Love and Health, 

C xo 

*Disclaimer: I am not a health professional and do not claim to be. These are my opinions and experiences.