The Mothers Day Gift Edit


Mothers Day is this Sunday or as I like to refer to it Mum Appreciation Day!  


While everyday should be Mum appreciation day - I know that my Mum (she is beyond amazing by the way) doesn’t always feel appreciated and even though we appreciate her immensely, we don't always show it. 


I dont know about you but Mum is probably the hardest person ever to shop for. We get the "I don't want anything for my bday or xmas, I just want to be around my family” Well thats great Mum, but we actually want to get you something ... 


I feel like thats the hard part though, no gift, no beautifully written letter or huge gesture is ever going to say thank you for all the sleepless nights, the constant shoulder to cry on, the best advice giver, the taxi driver…. the list could on and on. Our Mum’s are amazing! I know we don't tell my Mum enough how much we truly love her and appreciate her and everything she does for us! 


My Mum is my hero, she is one of the most amazing, beautiful, selfless, caring people that I know! She has taught me so much and still teaches me valuable life lessons everyday. There is no one else like my Mum and no one will ever be able to fill her spot. I am so lucky to have an incredible relationship with my Mum and I am aware that isn’t the same for everyone, for that I am incredibly grateful and feel very lucky! 


So for you gals and guys out there that maybe haven’t organised yourselves yet or you need some serious gift inspo, here are a couple that I know a lot (not all Mums) will appreciate: 


A scented candle

You can never really have enough scented candles! (well thats my theory anyway) It's also one of those things that you don't often buy yourself and it's a great gift to receive! My favourite brands are Ecoya, Glasshouse and if you saw on my stories the other day, my friend Soph is making her own soy candles! Can confirm they are delish! Let me know if you want to get in touch with her!


Book your Mum a massage

If your Mum is anything like my Mum she doesn't take a lot of time for herself. They put us first always and looking after themselves often goes to the back of the priority list! Mummas we thank you for this, but you are allowed to treat YOU too! I find if I get a gift card or something, Mum “accidentally” spends it on us, not her! SO book her in for a massage, a pedicure or manicure. Hehe my friend Ellen does epic massages if you based in Hamilton! 


Book in a fitness class together

Or go for a walk in nature! My Mum loves walking so going for a walk and grabbing a coffee afterwards is always a win, or trying a pilates or yoga class together!


Buy her something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself or treat herself to

Like maybe she would love to get her nails done but wouldnt book it in herself! Do it for her gf! Or maybe she has been eyeing up that scarf, cookbook, those shoes - get them for her!


Make her a meal

Whether that be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or if you can’t cook, take her out and shout! Maybe try and find out what her favourite place is and take her there! Or maybe you might be a fab baker, make something that you can package up for her!


Come sweat with us at Lululemon Hamilton

We have a complementary pilates class with Blue Mat Pilates instore on Sunday morning from 8.30-9.30am. And if your Mum is into being active you could buy her a gift from the store afterwards! 


Just be there on Sunday and spend quality time with your Mum! Or give her a call or FaceTime. Time is priceless and just letting her know you care and taking time out of your day to make her a priority is often greater than any gift! 


Give your Mum an extra massive hug and a kiss this Sunday! Tell her how much she really means to you, how much you love her and that you appreciate her beyond words! 


Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible Mums out there! 


I hope you have the best day and get spoilt by your kids 


Love and Health, 


C xo