IN HER SNEAKERS with JESSIE SPEEDY (a.k.a 1/2 of @feedingfitfoodies)

Introducing the next wellness beauty, Jessie Speedy! She is one half of the incredible page @feedingfitfoodies on instagram with Nina Smolnicki (stay tuned for Nina's IN HER SNEAKERS)! Jessie is a fellow tron gal and we were actually in some of the same classes at primary school which is pretty crazy, but so amazing to reconnect again and to have so much in common! I love the insta inspiration, it's always motivating and super creative with all the smoothie bowls and raw slices, YUM!!

Happy reading lovelies ... 


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1. A little bit about you gorgeous .. who are you, what do you do and what are you passionate about?

I am Jessie Speedy, an 18-year-old typical kiwi girl who is a self-confessed foodie health nut with a passion for exercise and wellbeing. I study a Bachelor of Business Analysis at Waikato University majoring in Accounting. Ultimately, I see myself combining business with the health and fitness industry- I just love it too much! Feedingfitfoodies is such a fun way to share my passion and made even better by doing it with somebody who loves it just as much as I do!

2. What does health mean to you?

For me, health can be summed up in the quote; “Your health is not just about what you’re eating, it is about what you are thinking and saying.” It is about listening to your body, having balance and enjoying life. To be at your best it’s about connecting with others, being active, appreciating your surroundings, keeping an open mind and giving.

3. What does a typical day in your sneakers look like?

I am a morning person so get up between 5.30am-6am and exercise (either a run or HIIT/GRIT session), then have breakfast and get ready for the day. After that I get stuck into uni work and bike to campus for lectures. Depending on the day, I try to get out in the afternoon for a walk or something active. Then I will probably hit the books again until about 8pm depending on the work load I have. I like to unwind with some TV (love MKR) and insta scrolling before going to bed, normally hitting the pillow between 9pm and 10pm. Of course, in holidays and weekends my days change; I love spending time at the Mount (my favourite training ground), being adventurous with friends, raw baking, trying new workouts and getting experimental in the kitchen.

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4.  What does a normal day of eating look like for you?

I get excited for my breakfast every day! During the uni week I tend to have either overnight oats or muesli both topped with some fruit and coconut yogurt or a protein smoothie. However, I look forward to the weekends when I have more time to be make more creative breakfasts like protein nice cream or buckwheat pancakes (current fav).

For lunch, I generally meal prep in the weekend for uni so I’m organized and have good food on hand throughout the week! Usually I make up a big batch re-energise salad, boiling up lots of quinoa, boil some eggs and roast some veges. Each day I take what I need and add in hummus, dinner leftovers or anything nommy hanging around!

Snacks are a must in my day! I love bliss balls (I normally make a batch each week), some fruit and nuts, a simple banana smoothie or some raw baking if there’s any left in the freezer.

Dinner ranges between quite a few things, however normally consists of some lean protein, salad and a complex carb. My favorites are a salmon fillet and mexican stuffed kumara!

I love a cheeky dessert most nights too, maybe some raw choc, coconut yogurt and frozen berries.

In holidays and breaks I love checking out the newest wholefood cafes too with my other half of feedingfitfoodies and being more experimental with food too!


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5. How do you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and your tips and tricks for others?

There is no real trick, just love what you do, how you are exercising and what you are eating, then of course you will maintain it because you are loving it! Balance is essential, don’t become too pedantic so it is not enjoyable. Personally, my passion is running, exercising and eating/creating wholesome food. It is exciting, enjoyable and fun finding new workouts and recipes to try! My tip would be to find something you enjoy and see where it takes you.


6. How do you deal with stress and pressure in this fast paced world we all live in?

I find exercise a great way to unwind or clear my head. The endorphins I get after I exercise put me in a great mood and often make me more productive. Organisation is key for me, I absolutely love a good list and the feeling of satisfaction when you tick off a task. Talking through things with good friends and family is also great!


7. What has been the hardest part of your wellness journey?

Everyday learn new things that affect the way I view my life, I like to look at challenges in a positive light. Creating balance in my life is probably one of the hardest things to achieve but by learning to embrace who I am and to stop comparing myself to others it has helped improve this. I’m still learning and I don’t think there is any such thing as perfect balance, however practicing it helps! Having a break from social media is healthy and necessary at times, living in the ‘now’ is something I try to do.


8. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and from who?

Both my parents constantly give me the amazing advice relating to all aspects of my life. What has really stuck with me is to always be positive and have a glass half full approach as well as KIS (Keep It Simple).


9. Favourite treat?

Oooooh probably a dessert bowl with a raw slice, duck island chocolate coconut ice-cream and some fresh berries. Or ginger and pineapple Pana Chocolate!


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10.  3 foods you couldn’t live without

Bananas, cacao and coconuts (all forms- I LOVE coconut yogurt, coconut flakes, using coconut oil in raw baking and eating fresh coconut).


11.  Favourite way to move your body

Running. There are so many ways you can run depending on how you feel. Plus I’m addicted to runner high, the great feeling after completing a run, it boosts my whole day!


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12.  Any last words of wisdom …

Your health and wellness is all dependent on you! Always have a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you feel happy. Don’t compare yourself to others, just become inspired by them. You do you! Love your life and live it! 


Hope you enjoyed getting inspiration from this as much as I did, you'll find Jessie @feedingfitfoodies - go show her some love! 


Love and Health,

Charlie xo