IN HER SNEAKERS with Kate Mason (A.K.A @nourishingbalance)

The next wellness beauty I was lucky enough to interview is the gorgeous Kate Mason behind the instagram page @nourishingbalance ! Kate is definitely a queen of smoothie bowls and if you don't follow her already you NEED to check out her page! 

Enjoy reading through these answers as much as I did! 


1.     A little bit about you gorgeous ... who are you, what you do and what are you passionate about?

I’m 19 studying a Bachelor of Physiology at The University of Auckland. I love to stay fit and healthy, love running (even though my legs disagree), love to surf must admit I’m a bit of a beach bum!


2.      What does health mean to you?

I find keeping healthy keeps me focused but also boosts my self-esteem. Health to me isn’t about being skinny and counting calories, it’s about eating well, feeling good and looking after your body.


3.     What does a typical day in your sneakers look like?

My uni timetable is full on, but I (almost) always start the day with a workout whether it be a run, HIIT session or even a good stretch at the NTC, and generally if I don’t fit something in in the morning or my body isn’t feeling it I will try and do something in the arvo. Weekends are social time I like to spend time with friends catching up and hanging out. Then resting for the following week.


4.     What does a normal day of eating look like for you?

I have the biggest sweet tooth so almost every day starts with a good old smoothie bowl! Then I usually pack a salad and tuna for lunch, with some nuts and fruit + froze balls for snack. And I generally have salad, roast veggies and either eggs or meat. I have become more focused on my health this year which has been very beneficial! I also drink probably around 3 litres of water a day + a lot of tea.


5.     How do you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and your tips and tricks for others?

I think for me I’m all about listening to my body, it has taken me a very long time to learn this after several injuries. But your body knows what’s best and if you feel like you need to rest or to eat more then that’s probably what you need to do! I have really started to find a good balance between treating myself and indulging occasionally but also sticking to the healthier options most of the time!


6.     How do you deal with stress and pressure in this fast-paced world we all live in?

As soon as I read this aloud my brother said, “you don’t.” and he is right this is my big down fall, I really struggle with stress especially emotionally. After struggling a lot in my first year of uni, I was a bit nervous to start back this year. I have had my fair share of curve balls thrown my way so far this year, which has taken a lot of time to adjust and deal with but I am finally starting to feel like I’m on top of it. I think my new focus on healthier living has helped me with this hugely + the extra support of my friends and family!


7.     What has been the hardest part of your wellness journey?

I would have to say it would be 3 years ago when I was competing with my younger brother in gym and I felt something pop. Since then I had been suffering with an ongoing hip injury which went undiagnosed for about a year. After one year of pushing myself through a successful season of both rowing and cross country, I soon found myself back at square one unable to walk. I was finally diagnosed with a torn labrum after several scans and needles… A few months later I finally had the operation, and it took months (probably over 6) to finally get back to “normal”. This was extremely difficult for me going from training nearly 2 times a day to not even being able to walk. Looking back now it is a big learning curve for me, I was clearly over doing it.


8.     Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and from who?

Mum always says to me “just do your best no-one can ask any more”


9.     Favourite Treat

SoGood Coconut Ice-cream or Whitakers Dark (70%) Chocolate


10.  3 Foods you couldn’t live with out?

Haha a year ago I would have said chocolate. Bananas, Kumara & Avocado


11.  Favourite way to move your body?

Run (but not able to do it as much anymore), HIIT workouts with friends are always fun and I love surfing!


12.  Any last words of wisdom.

Figure out what works for you and what works for your body, it won’t be the same as everybody else, listening to your body is the best way to go! Also, hard work always pays off, put in the hard yards and you’ll never regret it!

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Love and Health, 

Charlie xo