My Day of Adventure with ROMER

I was so excited when the gorgeous Emily, the creator and founder of the Romer App, sent me a message to see if I wanted to share my top foodie and adventure picks around Hamilton. It was an obvious YES and I got planning straight away. I wanted to squeeze in as much as I could, I was so grateful to be asked and I wanted to make it a goodie! Also, side note, Hamilton gets such a hard time but we do have some good places haha! 


If you saw my stories on Instagram, I had a jam packed day of fun and adventure. I took my sisters with me, we ate amazing food and explored all day. It was actually the BEST!


If you didn’t see my stories, you may be wondering what on earth I am going on about and what this guy or thing called ROMER is? 

Romer is an app that you can download from the app store or for android on google play, it's an app all about adventure, experiences, finding yummy foodie places and spending quality face to face time with friends. I like to think about it like “TINDER” but for adventure and experience. You swipe left if you’re not interested and right if you are. It’s as easy as that! Then you invite your friends and start planning your adventure! If you’re still confused check out their site here and download the app .. I promise you wont regret it! 


Romer's mission is to get people out and about exploring and being active. They are all about encouraging people to hang out more in real life - I absolutely love this! Romers have memories that last a lifetime! In Romers words: 



So, my day with Romer went a bit like this … 



1. As a foodie, obviously the first stop was food! Our breakfast spot was PADDOCK CAMBRIDGE. It was delish! The decor is super cool, the menu is epic (I really struggled to decide what I wanted) and the cabinet food looked divine so I’ll definitely be back. I got the tropical acai bowl, which was YUM! I wouldn’t call it an acai bowl though, more of a berry smoothie bowl! It was so delish though and it was huge, I added granola and it was topped with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Annie got the Bacon Buddy bagel which was yum too. The servings are very generous and it was the perfect way to start the day, we left with extremely full (hello food baby) and content tummies. 



2. Our next stop was the HAMILTON GARDENS. If you are ever in Hamilton, this is a must. The gardens are quite something! The tropical garden is definitely my fav, followed by the Italian one. You definitely feel like you are in another country, it’s quite magical. If you have kids or younger siblings they have also just rebuilt the playground and it's incredible. Also, during the summer they host Gourmet in the Gardens every Sunday night from 4-8pm. Live music, delish food and good vibes, you can’t really go wrong. 


3. Coffee, coffee, coffee. It just makes everything better ... if it's good! Like anyone, I have had my fair share of bad coffees, but we have found a place in the tron that never fails to make a goodie! OSTEN CAFE was our next stop of the day. We picked up coffees for Mum and Dad, Annie got a chai latte and I got an iced coffee! They do the best iced coffees, I definitely recommend. I get mine over ice. 



4. The next stop was an easy decision .. THE STRAWBERRY FARM! The shop is actually called The Country Providore and the cafe attached is called Punnet. This place is amazing. I remember when I was five years old and I used to beg Mum to go get a real fruit ice-cream after school, it was a tiny building that literally just did ice-cream and berries. You should see it now! It’s great for the whole family, they have an amazing outdoor area to sit, and an epic play area for kids with a boat and a trampoline. We didn’t go to punnet on our day of adventure, but we did pick up some strawberries and I was also really tempted to get some flowers! They do the biggest and best berries here! The store is so beautiful, you could honestly spend hours in there



5. After seeing a post on instagram that you couldn’t get any reservations at the dinner spot I had decided on, I thought we should go early to ensure we actually got a table. Our dinner spot was the new BANH MI CAPHE ! And oh my goodness was it amazing! The whole setup is just so cool, the wall art, the lights, the colours! I was in love! And then there was the food - it was divine! So fresh and delicious! We ordered the fresh rice paper rolls with ginger chicken, the Banh Xeo which is a vietnamese savoury pancake and Goi Du Du which is the green papaya salad! It was all incredible. We had amazing service and the lovely head chef and owner Pat gave us virgin mojitos, they were so delish! Perfect option if you’re driving. Thanks so much guys, we will definitely be back



6. I love ice-cream! In particular I love DUCK ISLAND ICECREAM, so we couldn’t miss this off our foodie list in Hamilton. The three of us were pretty full from dinner, but there is always room for ice-cream, so we all got singles with 2 flavours. They also have vegan and dairy free options available! The three of us all got the coconut chocolate, which is just so yum!! It's so smooth, so rich and its dairy free - bonus! I get it everytime I go. I also got the roasted cherry coconut chip, Maddy got the coconut salted caramel with sesame praline and Annie got the peanut butter choc chip. If you have never tried it, you need to go! They now have 2 stores, we went to the new one on Victoria Street! 



7. And because I love Christmas, our last stop of the day was the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS at Temple View and Harrowfield. They are breathtaking, so Beautiful!!! I had never been to the Temple View ones, you have until the 31 December to go, and I would seriously recommend! 


A massive day and a massive thank you to Romer for sending me on this day of adventure! It was so much fun! I love Romers mission and what they are all about. All these romes above can now be found on Romer. If you want to start planning an adventure of your own, you can download the app here and start your planning! 


Happy Adventuring 

Love and Health, 

Charlie xo