Cafe Review: Hussey & Laredo

So if you hadn’t already noticed from all my posts and Insta stories ..  I am you could say, “totally obsessed" with the new yellow caravan that sits on the Otago museum lawn on Mondays and Wednesdays, otherwise known as @husseyandlaredo

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I saw a post on The Perc’s (another one of my absolute favourites) Instagram probably around 3 weeks ago now, about this new caravan! I said to a few of my friends, lets go! So the first Monday, we rocked up and we were so impressed we haven’t stopped going back. 

They have an amazing selection of ugly bagels, which are my favourite at the moment (I’m going through a bit of a bagel phase, not even going to apologise for the amount of bagels that have been consumed!) I have no favourites, because they are all really good! They also have a great selection of baking from The Perc and Allpress coffee - it’s a crime not to go back for two hehe. 

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Tom, a.k.a the guy who makes the most epic coffee, is probably one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He’s super passionate about what he is doing and you can definitely taste that through the coffee and the food. He’s always up for a chat, so you could definitely say that the customer service is incredible. You always get an amazing coffee and a smile. And for me a smile goes a long way. 

There is an awesome write up about their story on Insiders Dunedin and a feature on Buchan & Co, click here to have a read! 

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If you haven’t already visited the caravan, I would definitely recommend heading there on Monday or Wednesday, 7.30am onwards! You’ll most probably bump into me there! 


Love and Health, 

Charlie xo