First little cafe review, of my new favourite place at the moment in Hamilton


You could probably call me obsessed! (actually .. not probably, I am Obsessed) Not only am I obsessed with the food, but the staff! They are so lovely, you are always greeted with a friendly smile, checked on at your table and they are always eager to answer any questions and take feedback, which for us has been all positive. Maddy and I love going in and talking to the owner about Acai in particular, but also just about what they are bringing out soon, healthy eating and raw treats. It is so refreshing to have met someone so passionate about what they are doing and really wanting to bring the best quality to customers.

That leads me to my next point! ACAI! For me this is food heaven, I absolutely love it! Give me nourish pod acai bowls every meal of the day! Nourish pod is not only the newest cafe on the block, they are the only cafe on the block that we know in Hamilton that uses frozen acai and not powder, and boy can you taste the difference. The thickness, and flavour is just incredible. 

I am a bit guilty of sticking to the same thing when I go in because I love it so much. My favourite is the choc acai bowl and they have just brought out a new fudge sauce that goes on top, which may I add is insanely good. The normal acai bowl is also amazing (Maddy’s fave), the PB choc bowl is yummy if you are craving something sweeter and if you’re like me and adore peanut butter, this one is definitely for you. The Kumara fries are delish, raw pad thai is yum and the snickers slice .. WOW! So good! These are the only things we have tried so far, because usually I just go in and get my choc acai! 

I couldn’t speak more highly of nourish pod, it is delicious, healthy and the customer service is incredible. If you haven’t tried acai, or haven’t headed along to nourish pod yet, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Pop in and say hi and give something a try! 

Check out their Facebook page and Instagram @nourishpod

You will find Nourish Pod at 1/7 Vialou Street, Hamilton. 

Love and Health, 

Charlie xo

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