My Favourite Places to Eat in Dunedin

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One thing I love about exploring a new place is researching and then trying new cafes and restaurants. There’s something just so satisfying about getting a meal that's better than what you could make at home or just having someone cook for you is always such a treat. 


My list of places to try in Auckland is still very long, I’m still yet to try some in Hamilton too but I've definitely tried a fair few in Dunedin over the past year and a bit, so from me to you here are some of my favourite places to eat: 


  1. JIZO - Probably the best Japanese you will ever try, like ever! I can never go past the teriyaki jizo balls, edamame beans, dumplings or a good old donburi

  2. THE PERC - Just super yummy! My favourites are definitely the smashed avo and add ‘crispy’ bacon, and you can never go wrong with the grilled halloumi!

  3. BEAM ME UP BAGELS - You have not lived if you haven’t tried these! My all time favourite is the ‘Men in Black’ on either a sesame, poppy seed or everything bagel. You can find these guys at the farmers markets on a Saturday morning or they have a shop opposite the Botans New World.

  4. NO.7 BALMAC - one of my absolute faves! Such a treat to go here, the wood grilled chicken salad or herb crusted fish with agria chips (and change the tartare sauce to aioli! you wont regret) are my two go tos. The berry smoothie and coffee is also fab

  5. ALIBI - The home of the best calamari I have ever tasted in my life! Definitely order that and the beef cheeks are also incredible

  6. LIQUID ASSETS - cute little shop in the octagon that does amazing smoothies, juices and soup! The “Charlie Brown” and “Buzz Lightyear” are my favourites, I need to go back and try more

  7. STARFISH - Out at St Clair. Known for their smashed avo and may I say it lives up to it's name

  8. PLATO - This ones definitely a trip to do when your parents are in town, doesn’t quite agree with a student budget but does agree with your taste buds. They have a new menu all the time, so love trying new things! The specials are usually pretty amazing

  9. VOGEL ST KITCHEN - amazing wood fired pizza, raw slices and awesome breakfast options (my favourite meal of the day) need I say more

  10. ESPLANADE - the neighbour to starfish out at St Clair. Really nice views, good coffee, pizza, salads and incredible service always!

  11. OAKEN - a new place that I’ve only tried once but really enjoyed. Good coffee and cabinet food

  12. THE STANDARD KITCHEN - ideal for breakfast with heaps of selection and raw treats

  13. MARBECKS - they have the best green smoothie and have a wide selection of raw treats

  14. VELVET BURGER - My favourite is the 'Velvet Lady' and get some kumara fries and aioli with that!!

  15. MADAM WOO - you really can't go wrong! My favourites are the percik chicken hawker roll, the duck salad and the squid! They also do takeaway which is such a bonus!


For good coffee:

  • THE MARSH - the study centre at the end of castle street has incredible and affordable coffee. A small is $3 and a large $4 (this is my local at the moment). Plus they have almond milk and the service is always lovely!!

  • THE FIX - an oldie but still a goodie! I used to go to the fix when I was five and get hot chocolates and long alligator lollies or a whittakers chocolate bar! Still rate it, like my parents did as some of the best coffee in Duds. Try a coconut milk mocha, these are pretty epic


For pizza:

  • POPPAS or RATBGAS - Ratbags does meter pizza, so if you are trying to feed a flat this could be a good option and really affordable too!


If you are visiting Dunedin, you can’t miss going to the Saturday farmers markets down by the train station either. Hit up the bagels, the tart tin, crepes stand and porridge for sure and enjoy the fresh produce on offer and the rad atmosphere. Rob roy dairy for ice-cream is also a guilty pleasure, you need to try a cookie pie at least once in your life time! 


I’m always looking to try new places, the next on my list are Emerson’s brew bar (awesome food apparently - hello chicken tacos!!) and Kiki Beware! 


Hope you enjoy some of these places as much as I do 


Love and Health, 

Charlie xo